sorrel red veined


Red-veined sorrel has a tart, sharp flavor, much stronger than you would expect from its small size and innocent apple-green freshness. Running up the central vein (the “midrib”) and radiating outward into the leaf is a dash of maroon-red, very showy and bright. Talk about plate appeal!

This delectable green is a terrific addition to soups, stews, egg dishes, and more. Pick it as young as you like — if you wait too long, it will become tough. Even when young, it has a nice crispness that contrasts with the ultra-soft feel of the top of the leaf. A very interesting green!

The lemony flavor is distinctive and pleasing in red-veined sorrel, the appearance is charming, and the growin’ is easy. Make this the centerpiece of many a fine meal at your table this season! Packet is 400 seeds.


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